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SonoMania is a new music ensemble from Bucharest founded in 2012 whose members are among the most active and talented young promoters of the latest musical creations in Romania. The purpose of SonoMania is to attract a more numerous audience for “contemporary classical music”, through the remarkable enthusiasm, talent and dedication of its members.

SonoMania’s repertoire includes new music as well as established works from the XXth century. SonoMania was so far included in international festivals of contemporary music, such as The International New Music Week in Bucharest (2012- 2013, 2016), Bucharest Music Film Festival – ArCuB (2012-2014), CIMRO DAYS (Bucharest, 2014), The 18th Festival of Contemporary Music – Happoman 2012 (South Korea), the MERIDIAN ISCM-Romanian Section International Festival (Bucharest, 2012-2016), the Bucharest Biennale of Contemporary Arts (2012), Catsheuvel Festival (The Hague, 2014).

SonoMania is mostly interested in concerts with an interdisciplinary component (multimedia, photography, dance, performance), as well as promoting the young generation of Romanian new music creators.


Artistic Director: Diana Rotaru

Conductor: Lucian Beschiu

Guest conductors: Gabriel Bebeşelea, Alexandru Solonaru, Vlad Răzvan Baciu, Alexandru Mija

Performers: Ştefan Diaconu / Octavian Moldovean / Ana Chifu – flute; Valentin Ghita – oboe; Mihai Pintenaru – clarinet; Maria Chifu – bassoon; Radu Vâlcu – guitar, electric guitar; Olga Podobinschi / Mihai Murariu / Diana Rotaru – piano; Sorin Rotaru / Alexandru Stroe – percussion; Raluca Stratulat – violin; Tamara Dica – viola; Eugen Bogdan Popa - cello

SonoMania's main partner: The National University of Music in Bucharest